Your Truck Bed Floor

As the bed floor is the largest flat surface on a truck, it plays a key role in the quality and appearance of the final build. Whether you are restoring your own classic truck, building a one of a kind show truck or want to customize a new truck, this is the place to discuss how to get it done.
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Reader Comments (11)

Gary 03/15/10 05:23:39 PM

I am looking to put a wood deck on a 1971 f-100 short bed. I did not see that in any of you drop down choices. Do you have that as an option? My bed is pretty rusted and I like the wood look and wanted to go with this!

Chris 06/19/10 12:44:17 AM

Hi, I have a 1997 chevy S-10 step side. I will love to put a wood bed floor in if possible. The only problem I for see is that my bed has a cut out in the middle for the air bag system thats in place. Therefore I will need two sections of bed floor. I'm willing to send you the measurements if something like this is doable, thanks.

Gale 08/03/10 10:07:09 PM

I have a 1997 Chevy Silverado and am interested in a floor for the bed. It is an extended cab with a short box. Do you have something that would fit it? Please reply to the e-mail of


ray 09/19/10 06:29:50 PM

hi i have a 1950 chevy pickup shortbed,i dont know if i want to update my truck or not.

Howard 06/28/11 07:37:36 PM

Hi, I have a 74 dodge d100 shortbed stepside pu. It has the same general lines as a Lil Red Express. I want to continue to save this truck, because you don't see that many old Dodges on the road anymore.
I am waiting for the catalog to see what I can do with my truck.

jake 07/09/11 12:13:02 PM

hi i have a 1960 chevy pickup that i finally want to start working on after i finish this deployment. i really want to make the bed stand out. what would be the best wood to use in hot sunny weather? also what is the difference btween LWB fleetside and SWB fleetside

Hector 07/18/11 11:17:21 PM

I have a Chevy HHR i would like to place a WoodBed on the back after the seats are down for show, could I get one????

Daniel 10/09/11 08:37:45 AM

Hi, i am building a custom flat bed tray. Do you ship internationally? I am from Australia, and cant find exactly what i want locally.Can your double hump bed strips(with the hidden fasteners) be made to specific lengths? Are the fasteners free to be positioned where i need them or are they fixed position?? Thanks

Tony 01/20/12 06:24:07 PM

I have a 95 chevy 1500 fleet side short bed. I'm looking for a wood for for it. Do you have anything that will work? Thank you Tony

roja 09/13/17 05:35:26 AM

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sophie 12/16/17 08:14:17 AM

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