Project 6 Shooter Featuring a Two Layered Bed Wood Kit!

John Farr’s Project 6 Shooter

Project 6 Shooter is a custom rebuild of Project 6 Pack by John Farr and Gauge Media Group. During it’s extensive touring season Project 6 Pack picked up quite of bumps and dents. So instead of fixing the damage, the crew decided to turn it into a completely new project for SEMA 2012. Project 6 Shooter is a one of a kind old western themed project featuring a custom two layered Bed Wood kit. It was featured on the front page of Mini Truckin’ Magazine’s SEMA coverage and was a hit at Detroit Autorama 2013.

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Reader Comments (2)

Annabelle 07/20/17 04:54:15 PM

It seems that the two layered bed which you are going to design is for kid’s playstation. Your best essay help services is bit clear, but not this image. So, why don’t you post any full resolution image of this shooter featuring double layered bed set?

Hilel 12/07/17 11:18:46 AM

There are thousands of projects that are here for making the bed with good wood work that attracts people. More likely it is said that Pure Sun Forskolin will help others to collect their favorite ones.

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