So-Cal Speed Shop's Jimmy Shine Chooses Bed Wood™ for Holley C10 Build

The team at So-Cal Speed Shop in Pomona, California have just finished a full top-to-bottom rebuild of the iconic Holley C10.

The Chevy C10 is such a popular truck that just finding one is difficult. Holley has taken this truck coast-to-coast as a display vehicle. When it was time for a freshening up for the new show season it was sent out West to So-Cal.

Jimmy Shine the hot rod builder, bike builder and car doctor in residency at So-Cal Speed Speed Shop was in charge of his C10's redo. Between shaping metal, staring on Car Warriors, the Speed TV show he decided to install a complete Bed Wood kit.
"At So-Cal Speed Shop, our customers demand the best. The choice is clear...Bed Wood and Parts!" - Jimmy Shine, So-Cal Speed Shop


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