Bed Wood™ Makes it EZ to Care for Your Wood Bed and Your Entire Vehicle

There are plenty of spray detail products on the market, but only Bed Wood's EZ Wet Gloss is especially formulated for sealed woods. This spray detailer will protect and polish your wood, paint and powder coated surfaces.

Quick Tips from Bed Wood's - Jeff Major:
  • Buy one product, our EZ Wet Gloss - Less to carry and it does your entire vehicle surfaces.
  • I added a great scent and color to the formula - all your buddies will want to try it.
  • It looks great sitting in your garage or your car show display.
  • Use frequently to maintain that glossy new look of your vehicle wood.
  • Remember to only use EZ Wet Gloss on sealed wood and it is useful on any sealed wood in your shop or around the house too.
  • I recommend using a terry clothe or micro fiber cloth.
  • Bed Wood's EZ Wet Gloss is available direct from Bed Wood for Trucks in easy to spray 16oz. bottles.

    Order today by calling us toll free 1-877-206-9663.

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