GM Performance 1955 Chevy E-Rod Pickup Features Bed Wood™ for Trucks

Each year at the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas the auto manufacturers create some concept vehicles. They reach into their bag of tricks to show the rest of us what can be done with their vehicles or aftermarket products.

For the 2010 SEMA show, the GM Performance division built this 1955 Chevrolet Series 3100 pickup. Called the E-Rod and painted green to reflect its eco consciences drive train it also featured another special feature. That feature is the custom milled Bed Wood™ for Trucks wood bed kit.

Chevrolet and GM Performance are very concerned with quality, fit and durability when they build a show stopper like this. They chose the Bed Wood for Trucks custom milled kit and the result was a perfect fit.

The E-Rod has some other cool features too. That bright green body is new, yep a Dynacom body that rides on a late model Trailblazer SS chassis. It has a custom grill, smoothed moldings and gas cap along with a custom interior.

Bed Wood can make a custom wood bed for virtually anything and we have a wide a variety of woods. Don't settle for just the same old oak, get Bed Wood and get custom.

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They chose the Bed Wood for Trucks custom milled kit and the result was a perfect fit.

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