BedWood™ for Trucks Introduces a Wood Finishing Kit and Spray Detailer at SEMA 2010

Hopkinsville, KY—November 2, 2010—

of specialty bed wood restoration and custom kits has chosen SEMA to introduce two

new products. SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show held this year

from November 2-5, 2010 is the premier automotive-aftermarket show in the world.

Held every fall in Las Vegas, Nevada, the show always attracts the world’s largest and

most impressive collection of automotive-aftermarket parts manufacturers.The show is

also a magnet for celebrities, car builders and customized car, trucks and hot rods.

BedWood for Trucks, a manufacturer of quality BedWood kits made in America for

trucks, customs and hot rods, is exhibiting in Hot Rod Alley at SEMA. In addition to

showing a complete line of BedWood kits for restoration and customization, the

BedStrips line of extruded aluminum hidden fastener strips will be displayed along

with the RetroLiner™ wood kits for late model vehicles. Adding to the BedWood line

of extensive and superior quality products are the new finishing products. Developed

and shown at SEMA for the first time is BedWood EZ Seal & Shine™; a complete

finishing kit for protecting and finishing bed wood. Also being introduced, is BedWood

EZ Wet Gloss™ Spray Detailer; the finishing touch for a finished wood bed, metal and

glass surfaces.

“Our new products offer the customer a complete method for finishing and caring for

the fine wood bed they have installed. These EZ products also offer the enthusiast a

proven product and after-purchase support, no more guess work. BedWood now offers

premium woods, custom BedStrips™, an easy-to-use finishing kit and a maintenance

detailer, states Jeff Major, President Bed Wood and Parts.

Bed Wood and Parts the leading manufacturer

BedWood EZ Seal & Shine Finishing Kit

A custom wood bed should shine and have a sealed finish that protects. This new

single-stage finishing kit offers both with an easy-to-use sealer that any hobbyist can

use. EZ Seal & Shine can be sprayed or brushed on most stained, painted or raw woods.

The eco-friendly finish provides a high-gloss, protective finish that shields against

harmful UV rays. It meets all VOC standards worldwide and is packaged in

handsome, resealable metal cans.

BedWood EZ Products

BedWood EZ Wet Gloss Spray Detailer

The most effective way to polish and protect any custom wood bed is with this EZ

spray detailer. It also provides a mirror-like finish to the paint, glass and metal surfaces

the vehicle. This specially formulated, synthetic spray detailer provides a super wet,

gloss shine, removes smudges and fingerprints while reducing friction. Harmful static

can cause scratches when wiping or drying surfaces, EZ Wet Gloss Spray Detailer

brings all surfaces to the height of a show-car finish and always, “Makes Wood Look


See the Entire BedWood for Trucks product line at:

SEMA booth #23093 in Hot Rod Alley

November 2-5, 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Bed Wood and Parts was founded in 2006 by Jeff Major, with the fabrication shop and

headquarters in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, where craftsman hand shape replacement and custom

bed products for trucks and others custom vehicles. From quality restorations to the most exotic

custom truck and even late model daily drivers, BedWood for Trucks offers ready-to-finish and

install kits, because “Wood Looks Good!”©. For additional press information about Bed Wood

and Parts, woodworking tips from Jeff Major or photos, call



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