We have revised our truck contest to give everyone’s truck the same odds of winning! We are going to pick the winner completely at random! You guys send your truck pictures (no matter the condition!) to summer@bedwoodandparts.com by March 1st. After we receive all entries, we will post all truck pictures in the contest on Bed Wood’s website, www.bedwoodandparts.com. Jeff will choose the winner completely at random, and that truck will receive a $250 gift certificate towards their very own Bed Wood kit! Can’t ask for a better deal than that! And every truck will have exactly the same odds! Easy as 1, 2, 3! 1) Turn in your truck photos to summer@bedwoodandparts.com... 2) Watch your truck get some face-time on www.bedwoodandparts.com... 3) Stay tuned for us to announce the Truck Contest WINNER on our website!