Welcome to the "Bed Wood Blog" where I will offer you tips, tricks and the review of products from Bed Wood for Trucks.

Be sure to visit here often, because I will be offering a selection of How-To Articles, new products will be shown here first and yes some great stories from our travels.

I get to meet so many car people in my travels and one of the best things is seeing our Bed Wood kits actually installed. It is at the show where we get to see our customers win awards, show off the exotic wood beds and share ideas for new hot rods, trucks and kustoms!

MichaelAnthonyImgAt the 2010 SEMA show Michael Anthony ( a founding member of Van Halen and now ChickenFoot) stopped by the Bed Wood booth.

A real car guy who loved the exotic woods we offer and told us that he might just use our wood in his next truck project.

Thanks for your support and remember that we can make wood for almost any project.

With over 40 domestic and exotic woods we have the largest selection in the aftermarket. Our customer service is unmatched and Kentucky's finest individuals work here!