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About Bed Wood

Welcome to Bed Wood and Parts, LLC, the first choice for those serious about their pickup. From our inception, the mission of Bed Wood and Parts, LLC was (and remains) to offer you, our customer, the highest quality service and products, at a competitive price, which bring your dreams and aspirations to reality.

As the bed floor is the largest flat surface on a truck, it plays an integral role in the quality and appearance of the final build. Whether you are restoring your own classic truck, building a one of a kind show truck or want to customize a new truck, we understand how important the quality and integrity of the bed wood is to you. Although oak is an exceptional wood, it does not fit all builds, and until now, has been practically the only species of bed wood offered in the aftermarket. You need not only the highest quality available, but you need a choice in species to compliment your truck. When choosing the furniture or cabinetry for your home, a single species or style doesn't fit all needs. Your truck shouldn’t be any different. Remember, your truck wasn’t built to be equal. Bed Wood and Parts, LLC can meet your need!

Bed Wood and Parts, LLC offers you the option to choose from a significant number of beautiful domestic and exotic species, with each having their own distinct appearance, grain pattern, and character. This will allow you to enhance both the appearance and attitude of the final build, and to further personalize your truck.

Our Value Guarantees…

  • Professional Treatment of Customers and Employees
  • Absolute Honesty and Integrity in All Things
  • Pride and Joy in Our Work
  • Teamwork
  • A Commitment to Innovation and Progress

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Want to see what your vehicle would look like with one of our Bedwood kits installed?
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