EZ Seal And Shine Bed Wood Finish Kit

EZ Seal And Shine Bed Wood Finish Kit

$422.29 $349.00

  • Provides a high-gloss, protective finish
  • EZ to apply by brush or sprayer
  • Simple single-stage system
  • Compatible with most basecoat finishes
  • Protects against harmful UV rays


EZ Seal and Shine is the ultimate sealer and high-gloss clear coat for the wood bed of your truck. It is a single-stage system that is compatible with most basecoat finishes. The superior shine can be applied with either a brush or for the best results sprayed directly on the wood. It can be air dried and is easily sanded and buffed for maximum high-gloss results. Rotting, dull finishes and stains are inhibited by the clear barrier that also provides maximum protection again harmful UV rays.


Additional information

Weight 22.00 lbs
Dimensions 13.00 × 11.00 × 9.00 in