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  • Care Instructions - EZ Tailgate Butcher Block and EZ ATV Butcher Block
    Follow the instructions below to get the best performance from your EZ Tailgate Butcher Block or EZ ATV Butcher Block

    1. After use, wash your block by hand using only anti-bacterial dish soap and warm water. Do NOT submerge the block in water!

    2. Thoroughly dry the block after washing. For best results, and to minimize potential for warping, allow the block to dry standing up on edge.

    3. Our blocks are NOT dishwasher safe. Do NOT place in dishwasher.

    4. Periodically protect the block with our EZ Butcher Block TonicTM, a natural conditioner comprised of a combination of food safe mineral oil and natural waxes. The frequency of conditioning will vary by the environment and the amount of use. If the wood appears dry, it is time to protect.

    5. Do not allow liquid to stand on the block for extended periods of time. It can stain the butcher block and cause the wood to expand, which could result in glue-joint failure and warping.

    6. Use a steel scraper or sandpaper as needed to keep the top smooth, free of deep cuts or food buildup, then re-condition the block with our EZ Butcher Block TonicTM.